About Us

About Us

A1-Driving School is the preferred driving school for students and families in Bridgeport, Startford Connecticut, Hamden, Waterbury and other nearby areas. We teach over 1000 students per year! We offer classroom lessons, behind-the-wheel training, DMV car rentals, defensive driving courses, insurance discounts, and full instruction options in English and Spanish.

A1 Driving School is a Startford Connecticit driving school and family business. We are passionate about driver safety, because it is so important to our children, families, and the overall safety of our roads.

Why Us

We offer full lessons options in English and Spanish, and our complete offerings include everything you could need to obtain a Connecticut driving license, fulfill defensive driving requirements, and more. We offer classroom lessons, behind-the-wheel training, DMV car rentals, insurance discounts, defensive driving courses, and road test simulations. We teach over 1000 students every year across Bridgeport, Hamden, Waterbury and other nearby areas!


Meet Our Instructors

Armand Perez

Owner / Instructor

Armand Perez has provided driving instruction for over many years to adults and teenagers. Over 96% of his students pass their driving test on their first try. He takes pride in the quality driving instruction provides to the community.

Patricia Perez

Owner / Instructor

Patricia Perez enjoys teaching drivers the basics of driving before they get on the road. After all, a good
education helps her students make good decisions behind the wheel!


  • 1. To provide professional, informed, and comfortable instruction that turns new or inexperienced drivers into safe, collision-free, and confident drivers.
  • 2. To create a fun environment for instructors and students that fosters valuable learning and hands-on experience.
  • 3. To teach our students to take the consequences of their actions seriously and respect the road.
  • 4. To inform previous drivers with mediocre driving skills of the best defensive driving skills that will keep them free of collisions and tickets for life.

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